ROCAREAL is a new brand, started by a team that has worked with leather for many years. With our deep love for and understanding of leather, we design and produce never-before-seen leather products to take the possibilities of leather to a new world: Interior art, the "leather panel."

There is a reason that the leather panels we produce have the feeling of familiar products even while being something new.It is because ROCAREAL does not treat leather panels as a new genre of building material, but rather creates them as objects of beauty.We have a strong desire for our creations to accent the walls of spaces such as everyday living areas and places where people are present on a daily basis.


ROCAREAL creates panels using leather produced in Japan. The reason is that this way, we are able to visit the production sites and talk directly with the leather producers. This is something we have a good feel for, thanks to our long years of experience working with leather products, and here, by and large, we can tell what the quality of the leather is going to be like. The same can be said for the creation of all leather products.

We have standard leather in our catalog that is available for use; many different colors and types (such as cow, sheep, and deer) can be selected. Processes such as shrinking and tooling are also available, and hundreds of styles are available for selection. In addition, reptile leather is also available, including options such as python, lizard, and crocodile.






ROCAREAL proposes a leather panel that fits the theme of a scene.A traditional Japanese room might feature a panel evoking a bamboo forest; a living room could have a panel with a relaxed and mature design; a panel in an office might have a design that welcomes and relaxes visitors. Designs can be made to accompany walls in any type of space while also fitting the interests and ideas of the customer. ROCAREAL gives you the interior art to give new color to your space.

All work is done either by ROCAREAL staff or by workshops under our direction.


Establishing our headquarters in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, we started business in 2015. With the desire to try applying our long experience with leather to the world of interior design, we originated the made-in-Japan leather panel.

ROCAREAL is a company that does everything from material development to design, production, and workmanship. We have a strong sense of responsibility, both for the items we receive and for after-sales service. Although we are a very new company, our experience with leather runs deep, and we take the utmost care so that our customers can feel good about entrusting their leather products to us.


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